Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Truly Lives

Welcome to my blog…and no, I don’t have a bunch of pop-ups and gimmicks to grab your attention to sign-up for this or download that except, as a courtesy a one-time window for you to receive infrequent emails on recent posts or news.  I believe in substance rather than hype.

So, slow down, grab some coffee or chocolate maybe both or whatever satisfies you and take a few moments from your busy day and peruse my stories and musings from the “Recent Posts” menu on the right or below on your device.

Rest assured I do not write to please, but write about what and how I perceive the world to be, and, while I realize no two individuals ever see or interpret the world the same, I am confident that you will – at the very least – appreciate my raw style as I enter into the eternal human paroxysms of life, love, and death; the individual and the state, and all that lies between.  My style is the shameless, unfiltered essence of a life of extraordinary experiences – enough to fill several lifetimes it seems – spanning over fifty years.

Likewise, I will never be offended if what I share does not resonate with you.  I have never expected to appeal to the masses.  In fact, I have no agenda in mind, except to use this forum to express myself and exercise my right to speak freely.  In turn, you can express your opinion either in the comments section of my blog or begin your own blog and exercise your right – to speak freely.


A brief autobiography…

Born to German parents, I am the father of six brave, beautiful, brilliant children.  I am by trade and wanderlust, well-traveled and handsomely educated; have seen and done things to last several lifetimes over.  Home is where I hang my hat though my heart always draws me back to Deutschland.

I am a great fan of European football.  A naturalist a heart, I love being outdoors hiking, climbing, appreciating nature’s pristine awe-inspiring beauty.  Intellectually, I have a keen interest in and diligent student of history, science, languages and philosophy.  My innate creativity finds its expression in my published photography, writings, and drawing. On a primal level, I am a hands-on aficionado of Harleys.  Riding out on the meandering, open road, in the wind is where I retreat to decompress.  In the spirit of Gladiator, Braveheart, Parsifal and Leonidas, I live by the code that “Every man dies, not every man truly lives.”  So I consider myself a non-conformist, autodidactic, outside-of-the-box thinker, a pragmatic idealist; and, even old fashioned all-in-one.  Once committed, I am fiercely faithful, thus my motto: Blood-Bone-Bond.

I am by no means a prude, never afraid of accepting new and challenging possibilities.  I am ever curious, open minded in pursuit of bettering myself and the world I inhabit in my intrinsic reserved and introspective decorum; always thinking, for the brain is a powerful, fascinating, incredibly wonderful tool to be used rather than to be used by it.

It’s a pleasure to have your audience and, in turn, I trust that you will identify with at least some of the themes I have treated in my eclectic writing panache.  For when all is stripped away, we are all merely human in a sea of humanity trying to find our way through life in our own way, are we not?

friedrich manfred simon – kaput gerat lupinum


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  1. Hi. I would like to know if I can use one of your designs for an album of mine ( Music ). Thank you, Alex ( I’m on Facebook )

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